The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Okay, so certain commenters want me to give them more info. Carla wants to know just who I am. (Good luck with that one, I'm still trying to figure that out...) The reason I link so much? To make sure my suggestions get read. I realize there are less hassling ways to do as such, but I just like to cover my bases.

As for the other commenter's question, the only swinging I do is on a playground.

To elaborate on my Mardi Gras story...

I met with some friends at a London-type pub for some Hurricanes and fun. Two people of the four I was with left at around 9, so I went with the other two (both women, one a lesbian) to some gay bars. Our first stop was a place called the Bermuda Triangle. (insert bad lesbian pun here...) We entered, and found only 5-7 other people, including bar employees, in the building. I thought folks there would be more than happy for the business, but it turned out not to be so. We headed to the bar, one of the gals and I complimenting a friend of our's chest. I made the mistake of saying aloud, "Yeah, she's got great boobs." To which the female bartender said to my friend, "You should know better than to bring a straight boy into my bar!"

Now, I wasn't TRYING to cause any trouble, I just wanted some alcohol. We each had one drink and left to go to a couple of other places. (One of which gave me my first experience with a drag show.) All in all, a good night. I just wish I got more sleep before I went into work the next day.

So, to review...
- WHO AM I? TBD....

Hopefully, this will clear up some confusion.


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