The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

DATELINE: Laura's apartment, Austin, TX

My friend is trying on outfits, desparately trying to find something "flattering." "You've gotta learn to love your own body, but you gotta have shame, too," she says. All this as she gossips on her cell with her girlfriend and tries to pack her suitcase, which just happens to be about 1.5-2.5 times the size of mine.

So far, our itinerary only consists of two solid commitments: a taping of The Price is Right on Thursday morning, then a trip to Anaheim to see a friend of ours in a play.

Three years ago, we went to New York. Somehow, I survived the trip, and her. Don't get me wrong, she's one of my best friends. (Nevermind the fact that I had/have a little thing for her.) But four days straight of being around her? I've told friends that after that, marriage should be no problem.

Some updates should be coming over the next few days, maybe even some shots from her digital camera (one of these days I'll break down and get one of my own). Until then, happy trails...


  • 24 hours straight without a break in any multiple can be a lot! After 10 days non-stop with J on our honeymoon and I had had just about enough :)

    By Blogger Kristiface, at 9:25 PM  

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