The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Monday, November 03, 2003


Geez... so much for fun and sun. The weather started out nice enough (cool to cold when I got here). But now it's turned to cold and rainy.

But I tell you, starting out the day walking along Redondo Beach was excellent. Nice and cool, all the joggers and cyclists were getting their morning workouts in, while I just strolled and pondered. Then the raindrops started falling, so I got the heck back to my hotel room. (I also needed to get back to change my jeans and shoes... stupid waves crashing...)

So now I'm here a stone's throw from UCLA, looking for a place to buy an umbrella before I go anywhere else. Nikki told me that the new Lord of the Rings movie is having its premiere here tonight around 6:30. Don't know if I'll go, though I've never been to a movie premiere (nor been around a large contingent of nerds).

More later....


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