The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

What did I do today?

5:00 am (approximately) - Wake up. Damnit... I'm not supposed to get up THIS early.
7:27 am - Alarm goes off. Another new day...
8:00 am (approximately) - Shower. Why does my head hurt? I only had two beers last night with G...
9:00 am- Leave for work.
9:05 am- Grab breakfast at McDonald's. A #2 with a large OJ, please...
9:06 am- Eat breakfast while traveling down a six-lane road.
9:30 am- Get to work. Learn about 403(b)'s. Wow! I never knew bra sizes went THAT high!
12:00 noon- Leave work.
12:30 pm- Grab lunch with a friend.
2:00 pm- Get home, pack my gym bag, get directions for an interview, clean up dog's mess.
2:30 pm- Arrive at interview. Boy, this isn't public access TV, but it sure is close.
3:30 pm- Go to the gym.
3:35 pm- Warm-up stretches and jogging.
3:45 pm- Begin 13 minutes on the elliptical machine. Must...*pant*keep...*pant*up....
3:48 pm- Notice ambulance parked in front of health club.
3:58 pm- Walk to lobby area, where an EMS worker is carrying a stretcher into the club.
4:00 pm- Begin weight training. Butt Blaster? Is this a joke?
4:27 pm- Walk by aerobic room, notice class starting in 3 minutes called "Pain in the Butt." Also notice two cute girls in the room getting ready for said class.
4:30 pm- Begin "Pain in the Butt" class. Geez, haven't taken a class solely for the girls since 1st-semester Spanish...
5:30 pm- Class (mercifully) ends.
5:32 pm- Notice that I ended up taking TWO classes back-to-back: "Pain in thr Butt" and Powerflex.
6:00 pm- Get home, eat dinner, tell parents about the interview.
7:37 pm- Begin blogging about my day, as well as IM friends of mine.
8:35 pm- End this blog post. About damn time!


  • Do I hear a hint of discontent in your post? Mr. Was-Recently-Unemployed-And-Had-Better-Not-Be-Complaining-About-Your-Job-Yet?

    By Blogger Sandra, at 11:23 AM  

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