The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Guess I'll fill in the details while "Lost" is on...

ROAD TRIPPIN'- Went to Austin last Thursday at the invitation of my friend, Laura. Saw quite a few things while I was up there, including...

CLEAN FEET: $0; CLEAN CONSCIENCE: PRICELESS- Went to Holy Thursday service at my old church. Now, if you've never been to one of these things, it's pretty cool. One of the things that happens at this service is the washing of the feet. It's actually a pretty cool thing, once you get over the whole "stranger touching my feet" thing. A nice break from the godlessness of the world of finance. But, after the mass and the subsequent adoration, that's when the "fun" started...

DID I SAY "GIRLS" WERE STUPID?- So my friend Laura met this guy some time ago, an amateur stand-up comic. Some interesting stories have come from this hook-up, and another one was born on this night. She found the guy in a 6th Street comedy club with another girl sucking on his neck. Suffice to say, this sent the rest of the night into a tailspin. She had a few drinks during the night, causing her to unload about her miserable luck with guys to me on the ride back to her parents' place. It's a long story, but for my money, a lot of this drama she brings a lot of this on herself.

TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT...- As our group was out, we happened upon a camera crew. Turns out it was the one and only "Real World" doing some filming. Not only did I see them on a street corner, but they came into a bar that our group was at. We soon left the bar (Laura and her girl friend didn't like the amount of liquor in their drinks), and after fighting to get through the human wall that was the production crew, got out to find two girls with the longest faces I've ever seen. One was wearing headphones (supposedly to hear what was going on inside), one was carrying what I assumed to be release forms. And that's when I wondered about how much I really would want to be in the television business. These two were basically following this one guy from bar to bar, yet they couldn't have a drop.

A SONG IN HIS HEART, SOME CUSS WORDS IN MY MOUTH- The next day, Laura and I roamed around campus. A group was set up advertising the annual 40 Acres Fest, basically a school carnival with a beer garden. The big draw of this event is the musical acts, mostly well-known local bands, with a big headliner. Through the years, the committee that's put it on has gone from frat-boy country to old-school hip-hop (and new school, as well). The headliner this year?

WELCOME BACK- In a couple of weeks, Eric, The Smart-Ass AP makes his triumphant return to San Antonio. He had spent some time in Denver working for a station up there, but now he's coming back to become a weekend producer for one of the affiliates down here. Congrats, man!

HEARING VOICES- In my insurance class that ended today, an old voice from my past was a classmate with me. The voice? Jay Howard, the old radio play-by-play voice for the San Antonio Spurs. Many a night during high school was spent listening to him describe all the action. I loved hearing his call during the team's first title run in 1999. I tried to muster up the courage to approach him, but didn't. (Why that sounds familiar, I don't know...)


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