The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Sunday, May 01, 2005


ONE: Total number of regular wage-earners in the household since a couple of weeks ago, when my dad quit his job, causing my folks to push me towards a more regular-paying position, rather than keep my current commission-only gig.

ZERO: Amount of commission earned from my first sale, getting a friend into a regular money-market savings plan, which carries no sales charge.

3.59: Amount, in dollars, of commission I'll recieve monthly from my second sale, getting another friend into a mutual fund and a retirement plan.

FOUR: Number of weeks I've been a formal employee.
FIFTEEN: Number of weeks I've been at the office.
9.5: Number of months I've gone without a paycheck.
145.47: Lowest point, in dollars, that my checking account reached since college, before a deposit from my folks.

TWO: Number of intimate encounters I've had with a lady in the last few weeks.
THREE: Number of consecutive weeks I've missed Mass.

TWENTY: Number of days until my 27th birthday.
TEN: Including myself, number of people coming to a possible party. While discussing plans last night, I suggested it'd be cool to get a limo for the night to hit all the bars downtown; my friend V said she'd look into it for me.


  • $145.47? Be thankful you've never felt the sting of the "negative balance."

    By Blogger Sandra, at 6:40 PM  

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