The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Sunday, July 22, 2007

First off, I read this blog on an iPhone earlier tonight. That thing is friggin' sweet. Doesn't look too convenient to blog from (the touch-screen keyboard seems a bit tricky, though I had no problem typing in the URL for this blog), but for blog-reading, it's great.

Okay, so I've been out the last couple of nights. Last night, Maria and I went downtown to a swanky bar where a co-worker of mine was going to be. We did introductions, but mostly stayed to ourselves. She tried to get me to hit on women while we were there, going so far as to offer to find one for me. Turns out I didn't need the help, all I needed was a prop.

A little after 1, we found ourselves standing near a couple of women. One of their rings looked an awful lot like a UT ring. After bringing up the idea with Maria to use that as an in, I asked the ring wearer about the ring's origin. Turns out it was from Southwest Texas (er, Texas State). But that's all I needed to do, as we proceeded to chat both of them up for a few minutes. They left to go to the ladies' room, and I celebrated my accomplishment of talking to a woman. (I've said this for almost three years; approaching women scares the bejeezus out of me.) A while later, I even ended up with a number. Now, I just have to figure out when to call...

Tonight, I joined a friend to celebrate her birthday. I've known her ever since high school, and we still hang out in the young adults' group at my church. Now, normally she's not one for makeup and jewelry; she's quite the tomboy. But for the special occasion, she got a bit dolled up, and it was nice. Between the many drinks I was feeding her (remind me to close my tab there tomorrow when I pick up my card) and the simulated pole-dancing (don't ask), we were having fun. She was there with some work friends of hers, some I'd met at other parties, bars, etc. One of her friends I got a bit chummy with, going so far as to try and convince her to join me for another drink after leaving the bar at 12:30. (Again, don't ask.) Alas, it didn't happen; she said she wanted to get back home and get into her Harry Potter book. ("We all need a vice," she tried explaining to me. Sounds like some people need cooler sounding vices.)

Moral of the story? Maybe I'm actually getting better at socializing. In the recent past, stories like this have usually been followed by yet another unbearable dry streak. Hopefully, this is the one time things change...


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