The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Monday, March 24, 2008

Okay, about the beard...

So I've been trying my hand at facial hair. I never really thought I'd be one to have the cool goatee or anything. But a few months ago, during a seemingly innocent chat with a co-worker, that changed.

"You should be like Jason from 'The Hills.'"

So said my friend Kacie when I asked her advice about women. Specifically, she told me to put product in my hair, and start growing some facial hair. At first, it started with the perma-five-o-clock-shadow. Then came the more modest growth. Finally, it turned into the "Grizzly Adams" look you see below.

I kinda dug it, it was a change of pace. But with friends of mine, it wasn't really well received. So I ended up shaving it over the weekend. Friday, I took it down to a goatee. Saturday, I shave the bottom half, leaving only a moustache. I saw how sketchy I looked, so off it came soon after. My mom saw me on Sunday and said, "THIS is my Easter present!" (My Easter basket must have gotten lost in the mail, but I remained silent.)

I wish I could be able to grow one of those long, straight beards. However, the scourge resting upon the top of my head (my curly hair) foils me again on my chin and face. So I guess I won't be Jason from "The Hills."

I can't say I'm too broken up about that...



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