The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Thursday, January 06, 2005

From a chat yesterday with Suse:

BrownBoyUT: I'd be a representative for them, selling mutual funds, other investments and insurance,
recycledstock: and you've had a lot of experience doing this?
BrownBoyUT: None.
BrownBoyUT: But they'll train me to get my licenses.
recycledstock: and this fits into your whole recycledstock: making it in the industry plan how?BrownBoyUT: It doesn't, but it does fit into my "move out of my parents' house" plan perfectly.
recycledstock: i see. well one step at a time, i suppose. so what's your job title going to be?BrownBoyUT: Representative, I suppose.
recycledstock: so you'll have to wear a suit and schmooze
BrownBoyUT: Yep.
recycledstock: hmm...i don't know you that well, but i'd say that doesn't really sound like you
BrownBoyUT: I don't know... this is the closest I've been to getting any sort of job. I'm trying to convince myself that the cushy bonuses and lack of quota will offset the sales calls and 12-hour workdays.
BrownBoyUT: "trying," being the keyword.
recycledstock: i don't know dude. sounds like you're selling out for a quick buck. but i understand that pressure. sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, and it's not like you're selling drugs or anything, so i suppose that's good.
recycledstock: just don't get sucked into it
recycledstock: i mean, don't forget what you really want/intend to do
BrownBoyUT: I figure, I do this for a year or two, see how I like it.
BrownBoyUT: Uh-huh.
BrownBoyUT: If nothing else, if I try something else, I'll always have the licenses to fall back on.
recycledstock: i suppose. sounds like you're delaying the inevitable
BrownBoyUT: "The inevitable" being....
recycledstock: moving to los angeles, if that's the route you want to go
BrownBoyUT: Maybe more like funding the inevitable.
recycledstock: call it whatever you like. i know what it's like to come here without anything. it's scary no matter how much money you have
recycledstock: and the longer you stay in cushy-suit job, the harder it will ever be to leave
recycledstock: i promise you that
BrownBoyUT: Yeah, I'm thinking it'd be less hairy if I went there with $60k in the bank, instead of $6k.
recycledstock: you know how many people i graduated with are still "in the process" of moving out here? Zero -- that's because they waited too long
recycledstock: try about $700
recycledstock: and i'm not touting myself, i'm simply illustrating the point that it CAN be done, no matter
recycledstock: but that is has to be done

As of this writing, I'm flip-flopping between saying no and trying it out for a few months to see how I like it. 15.5 hours till I make the call...


  • here's my two cents:

    money is the bank is the move. big proponent of that. i've been out there with no cash and living at home (wait. that's where i am now. but i have the graduate school excuse) and it's best put by a tribe called quest: riding on the train with no dough sucks.

    long work days, are iffy.

    long work days doing sales? i would say work on your escape plan, keep looking for jobs while you bring in what you can and learn what you can; this sounds like the kind of job we have a lot in financial services here in new york, and a job my friend just quit in st louis, and a bit like a job i had years ago (for a year and a half): and it takes a certain enerrgy to go out there and cold call and sell. but if you take you mind and emotions out of it, think of it as an acting job, and beat something hard on the days you get frustrated or when people get to you... you can stick it out for a little bit.

    it takes too much patience for me, though. and you get training and something financial to put on your resume (a few months of bear stearns here gets the oohs and ahhs) get to think about how what you really want to do is WAY better.

    and beer. don't forget the beer.

    By Blogger Pico, at 10:52 PM  

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