The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

GOOD THING: Seeing that one of my favorite game shows is looking for contestants.
BAD THING: Finding out, after calling them up, that they're only looking for SoCal locals.

GOOD THING: Finding a videographer position that fits me to a "T."
BAD THING: Finding out, after calling them up, that someone was having a third interview for the position today.

GOOD THING: Narrowing down my "dream job" list.
BAD THING: Having no idea how to go about becoming a Best Week Ever panelist, quiz show writer, or porn star.

GOOD THING: Watching my girl Pam duke it out in the semi-finals.
BAD THING: Seeing her lose. I must say, though, being in the top 7 out of a field of over 140? Good show!

GOOD THING: Seeing Manu Ginobili carry the Spurs on his back for a 3-2 lead in their series against the Sonics.
BAD THING: Staying up past midnight to see it all. Seriously, I'm not an AARP member or anything, but is there any way to have these games begin before nightfall?


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