The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Monday, May 29, 2006

morena262: i'm bored
brown_boy: I'm sad.
brown_boy: I'm confused.
brown_boy: I'm upset.
morena262: why
brown_boy: I just got off the phone with Suzanne.
morena262: and??
morena262: is she engaged?
brown_boy: Not yet.
morena262: okay
brown_boy: But she is moving in with him, but only because she's having a mildew problem at her place.
morena262: what??
morena262: did u call her?>
brown_boy: Earlier today, yes. She couldn't talk then, so she called me back a few minutes ago.
brown_boy: I was a bit nervous during the conversation, but I was okay, up until the end.
brown_boy: I asked her, "Do you love him?"
brown_boy: She said, "Yes. And, even better, he says it back."
brown_boy: And I lost it.
morena262: ok
morena262: why the fuck do u care?
morena262: i thought u were over her
morena262: i'm not being mean
morena262: being real
morena262: so, don't be offended
brown_boy: I thought I was (over her), too.
morena262: ok
morena262: so, what
morena262: let her go
morena262: please
morena262: once you do
morena262: you will be a much better person
brown_boy: But how do I do that?


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