The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Thursday, March 22, 2007

You've heard of some crazy sports bets, like the guy who legally changed his name to "Peyton Manning" after the Super Bowl. But this one seems a bit nuts (pardon the pun) to me...

Celebrate TAMU's victory over Memphis by making a t-sip SUCK YOUR DICK!

This dumbfuck lost a bet that the Aggies would lose to Louisville... now were leaving him hog-tied in a hotel room this evening ;o) ...and the little bitch has to suck off every Aggie Cock we send him!

If you're an Aggie student, send a cock pic (to prove you're 6inches+) and we'll send you the hotel address.

Come on over after the game, have a beer, and put this sip in his place!

After the loss tonight, I can only imagine the revenge this guy is gonna get...


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