The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Monday, March 12, 2007

In the latest of hare-brained schemes ways to cope, I got an idea in my head that I thought would bring about a great sense of closure.

A gravy boat.

Sometime this afternoon, the following monologue occured in my head:
I know what I can do! I can show that this whole wedding thing doesn't
affect me by getting them a wedding gift! Nothing says "I'm over it" like

Earlier tonight, in a fit of obsession, I searched for their registry. Three websites later, I found their gift list at the Big Home Goods Store. (Even more irony in all of this is that my aunt is currently employed there.) I was thisclose to actually going through with it, before calling V and having her convince me it was a bad idea. (The key lesson in all of this, kids, is that I can't make up my own mind.)

So maybe I'm still not over it. But I now know what ELSE I won't do.



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