The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Oh yeah, one more thing...

I hear that it's National Poetry Month. I don't have any personal favorite poems to share (note to self: start reading more), but in the spirit of the month, I'd like to offer up one I wrote.

Some background: the weekend before I took off to Canada last year, I was at a retreat that had the theme of "Finding Balance." The object of the weekend was to learn how to better balance work, family, school and faith responsibilities. The last activity of the weekend was for the campers to compose an acrostic poem, using the word "balance" to provide the first letter of each line. My contribution to the assignment (and to the perpetuation of bad poetry) follows.

Becoming closer to God
Awakening to what is important
Living every day to its fullest
Avoiding the rat race
No man balances himself
Coming together with others + with Him
Equilibrium is achieved

Happy National Poetry Month, everyone!


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