The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Sunday, April 08, 2007

So this is Easter...

Seriously, how can it be warmer in February than it is in April? I got to my car yesterday, and found ice on my windshield wipers. I'm starting to think Al Gore is full of shit.

Lent is over, and I didn't quite go all the way with giving up fast food. I broke down last weekend with a trip to McDonald's. But, I did end up closer to 170 than 180, where I was at the beginning of all this, so that makes for a good side effect. (I did find, however, that can eat like shit just as easily without the help of fast-food joints.) As for the porn, I ended up doing without that for the entire period of Lent (save for the photos I'd see on craigslist ads).

I partied last night with my girls V and C. C turned 30 a few days ago, so her, her husband, V, V's friend and I went downtown to celebrate. Dinner at a touristy restaurant downtown was followed by drinks and dancing along the Riverwalk. The weather helped assure that the only other people at the bars we went to were people celebrating other special occasions. We ran into about three or four different bachelorette parties; thankfully, the ex was not part of any of them.

V's got herself a new friend, a guy she met online, from the Catholic date site I sorta belong to, though have since lost hope for meeting anyone there. She lives in Houston, he lives in Dallas. He was a nice enough guy, dressed well enough for where we went, kinda quiet. (Honestly though, most people are quiet compared to me sometimes.)

As for me, it was another night as the 5th wheel. I'm sorta used to it by now, better to be a 5th than a 3rd, I say. (Though, one day, I hope to pull off becoming a 9th, or even an 11th, wheel.) Maybe I should write a book on what role a 5th wheel is expected to play in social situations. Find out what the other members of the group have in common, make jokes, build rapport, watch after purses and coats, etc.

More rambling later...


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