The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Today, a friend of mine from work came to my desk with a card and a package for my birthday. He's dating a friend of mine, and the gift was from both of them. The card read:

Just thought we would try to help you with your fantasy football! So don't open present here at work. Wait till you get to your car or home.

With a warning like that, I just HAD to have a peek at my desk. Breaking one of the pieces of tape, I pried open the box to reveal this book. "Great," I thought, "and only myself to perform a puppet show for."

After my shift ended, I took the box to my car to see what else was in store for me: a position of the day book by the good people at After looking to see what fell on my birthday ("doubleclicking"), I went back to cursing my friends.

Honestly, I know they meant it as a gag, but I already know how much sex I'm not having. I don't need friends pointing it out to me as well.


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