The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I wasn't able to catch any shows on the Strip. Unless you happen to count a mini-recital before Mass.

Since my flight wasn't until late in the afternoon, I figured my only shot to attend church was in the morning. Calling the front desk, I learned about Guardian Angel Cathedral's Mass times. I checked out of my room, had my bags held at the bell desk, and took a cab over to the Cathedral, arriving there just as 10 a.m. Mass was letting out. After doing some people watching (and wondering why the Cathedral doesn't put a cab stand out front), I headed inside for some quiet time.

The quiet time totalled only a few minutes, as a small chorus of singers and a group of musicians played a few selections for the gathering crowd. The music wasn't necessarily over-the-top, but it definitely fit the Vegas mood. (Timpani drums and an organ always help that feeling.) Sadly, I don't remember much about the Gospel or the homily. I do remember the priest giving those that stayed after Communion an extra blessing for luck. (For you non-Catholics out there, the big thing now is to leave after you've partaken of the bread and wine.)

I ended up walking back to my hotel, past the myriad of ads for girls, as well as a homeless person who set up shop between the church and the Strip. (Location, location, location, I always say.)

One last try at Three Card Poker and some slot play was how I ended my vacation before heading back to the airport. Unfortunately, the TSA ruined my last memories of Vegas, as they confiscated my toothpaste. Yeah, my fault for not checking it, I suppose, but the SA folks let me bring it on.

The familiar humidity of Texas greeted me as I stepped off the plane, my folks giving me a ride back to my condo half past 11 p.m.

So now, I think back to what I learned on this trip:
  • Save more money before embarking on a trip involving gambling.
  • I'm tired of being an odd man out.
  • Dressing up is fun.
  • If you're staying on the Strip, there are worse places to stay than Treasure Island.

My next time in Vegas? May 2008, as part of my 30th birthday celebration. Get your tickets now...


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