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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pardon me while I get a bit racial...

I recently read this story from the L.A. Times about the creator of the Homies figurines. If you're not familiar with them, you've more than likely seen them for sale next to the gumballs in your local grocery store.

I thought about how great a mark (for better or for worse) one of the gente left on pop culture. Then I started to read Pop Candy.

Yes, if you reference the sidebar, I have it listed as a blog I read often. But lately, I've been feeling a bit left out. Seeing white people wear ugly Christmas sweaters is one thing. (I guess my people don't have much in the way of irony in them.) But then I started reading Whitney's Top 100 people countdown. Sixty entries later, a scan of the thumbnails shows only three minorities. (Four, if you count the robot representing Daft Punk.)

I realize this is only one person's taste that's being listed, but looking at all of this makes me wonder: do we as a people matter in pop culture? When the breakout Latin star of the year is La Llorona, is there more Latinos can do in media?

We've got one thing going for us. At least it's the white kids who are getting knocked up...

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