The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I would blog. I really want to, but I'm not in a good state mentally or physically to do so. I'm not sure if it's a chili burger I had, or something going around at work, but I've been put down the last couple of days. I'll just let stuff spill onto the keyboard...

- Getting into a new position at work, just as soon as my spot is filled. No raise or promotion is involved, yet a lot of people conmgratulate me on this new gig. I wonder about that place sometimes...

- I applied with another company for a financial advisor position. A personality profile stopped me from being considered, even before an interview. I've been trying to not be bitter, but it's just so hard.

- My costume won rave reviews at work and at a party put on by my new friend. I even won a ribbon and a fifth of Crown at the party! I even wore the thing to 6th St. in Austin on Halloween night. During that night, I found out one of two important life lessons: I'm more comfortable being someone else than I am being myself.

- Oh yeah, the secret ingredient that helps to break down the wall? Alcohol. Seems she's only affectionate after she's had a few. Not that I'm wanting to get too physical, but I still feel like I'm still getting to know her 2.5 months later. How much patience is too much?

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  • Sorry to take so long in commenting on this post...

    I'm more comfortable being someone else than I am being myself.

    Welcome to the world of costumers, my friend. ;-)

    It may also be that "yourself" isn't who you REALLY are - that there's some part of you that only comes out when you're wearing a mask. The part that you have fun being. And THAT is who you really are, but "yourself" - the part of you that you're "uncomfortable" with - won't let the fun part out?

    Woah. Deep thoughts.

    By Anonymous veritate, at 8:08 PM  

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