The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I promised you an update on my new friend, so here it is.

Last night was our fourth date. I made her dinner, with the help of Mario Batali. Once again, however, my cooking skills turned a recipe that was given at 30 minutes to make into one that took almost an hour. Some cabernet sauvignon helped to pass the time, as well as some conversation about life (which was a welcome departure from the silence that marked the last two dates).

After dinner, and a split cannoli, we headed to the other side of town to a karaoke bar. A friend of hers was throwing a party, and we ended up getting there fashionably late. While sitting there, listening to bad versions of Bon Jovi songs, I got a bit bored. Things got so bad that when my friend texted me (the one who set us up), I told her that this might be the last date.

Up to this point, I'd had a hard time getting a read on her with regards to how she felt about me. I thought she was pretty and all, but didn't know if all the hoops I'd been jumping through during the past few weeks were going to be worth it. My friend conviced me to just ask her.

On the way home, I asked my date how long it takes for someone to get into her inner circle. Up to this point, I'de noticed her doing anything for her family and friends. She made mention of the wall she puts up. I then admitted to her my not being able to read her. As we pulled into her neighborhood, that's when things got serious.

While sitting in my car in her driveway, she revealed to me that she'd been through a lot. She admitted being on anti-depressants and going through therapy. (Not that I'm one to judge.) We talked for about ten or twenty minutes before I walked her to her door. We did the cheek-kiss thing, and as she stepped through her front door, I said, "Thanks for bringing down your wall just a bit." She did ask for patience from me.

Up to this point, I've come thisclose to stopping things altogether several times and chalk her up as another friend. Not that this is a valid reason to do so now, but I figure I have my own fish to fry, how can I handle someone else's problems?

Tonight, I did take one step to get me "back out there," as it were. I signed up for three-month memberships with two different dating sites; the Catholic site I belonged to a year or so ago, as well as a more popular site whose name will not be mentioned here. I figure this would help get me out of the house a bit more, as well as maybe help sharpen my social and dating skills.

My new friend is nice and pretty. She's fairly intelligent and (as mentioned by her a million times before) she'd do almost anything in the name of friendship. Not that I'm actively looking for an escape route, but I'm wondering how to handle something that may come down the pipe if things develop with anyone from the sites.

Any ideas?



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