The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Friday, September 05, 2008

Just some random thoughts to get out of my head...
  • I like Biden more than Palin.
  • McCain and Obama, however, are neck and neck.
  • Speaking of racing, anyone up for hitting the race track with me?
  • Speaking of sports, I may be going with Maria to the UT-Arkansas game next weekend! Hopefully no shenannigans will occur... (I told you that I kissed her a few weeks ago, right? No?)
  • Speaking of shenannigans, I'm planning a trip to Dallas to meet some Pop Candy readers. Should be fun.
  • Speaking of fun, I put together my first-ever public playlist on my myspace page. Sting, Led Zepplin, SRV, Jane Child, Jamie Cullum, Ugly Kid Joe, Extreme, Jonathan Coulton, Cameo and Joe Satriani. Discumbobulated? Yes. Awesome? You decide...
  • Speaking of being all over the place, I went to Austin to see how they do Theology on Tap, as well as to help promote a young adult conference here in October. 250 people, a few I knew from college, and quite a few attractive women... and Shy Greg turned up. I HATE that guy.
  • Speaking of hate, I don't like trying to end these sorts of posts on a high note.
  • Speaking of the end, according to a study, an atom smasher in Europe will NOT bring on the end of the world. Great. Now, I just have to worry about 2012 and the end of the Aztec calendar.

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