The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Allow me to elaborate...

- The job search is really sucking ass right about now. So much so, that my folks are bringing up the idea of grad school. Now three things are keeping me from jumping at this idea. One, my GPA. (I graduated by the skin of my teeth.) Two, the GRE. (Haven't taken it yet.) Three, my lack of excitment about the subject. I've never claimed to be an academic, and after reading stuff like this (check the comments), I seriously doubt that I'd have the ganas to get a Master's. Basically, I'm in the same funk that I was in two years ago. And unless another 24-hour news station launches here in town, I doubt that it'll end anytime soon.

- The novel writing is really sucking ass right now. I had one decent streak of writing, followed by several subsequent attempts cut short by writer's block. Truth be told, this is usually how I deal with large tasks lately: go gung ho for a short period of time, hit some sort of minor slipup, and quit altogether.

Here's hoping both streaks end soon...


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