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Friday, June 03, 2005


So I see this over at Little Green Footballs. Now, I'm not really sure what to think of the whole "Deep Throat" saga. I saw "All The President's Men" once in high school, and my alma mater houses the Watergate Papers, but that's as close as I've come to the whole Nixon thing.

But I see what one of my favorite game show hosts writes, and I wonder, is this even close to accurate? Anyone out there care to point me to where I can actually find out for myself?

We now return you to regular whiny blogging...


  • well, ben stein's take is obviously a conservative analysis of the watergate years. i think it's hard to get a partisan read of that era...

    ended the war in the mideast? okay. sure. that didn't and isn't continuing. and vietnam was winding down because we had been there for years (thanks LBJ for continuing that debacle).

    the watergate burglary was ridiculous and brazen and something that ridiculous and brazen that is THEFT should not be covered up. that's shady. i don't know about jfk and the coke (but he lived his life and had fun. i smell jealousy); lbj was continuing an action that was in the offing from the kennedy administration; clinton got a freaking BJ, got the kid a job, and that all came out in a witch hunt investigation that got NOTHING.

    none of them participated in brazen spying. what, nixon's jowls would have stopped what happened with the khmer rouge? i do think the US was sick of being in vietnam and losing their boys to a godforsaken swamp.

    i also think that perhaps if we had a ruler for life, yes, we'd forget about the watergate theft and without opposition, we could get a lot of peacemaking done on one man's terms. but we live in a country that switches leaders to prevent them from having too much power. as such each leader has to moderate their actions, abide by the rules, and no circumvent the values and systems that makes this country a shining beacon of semi-representative government.

    nixon abused his power. for his own effing benefit. wrecking the system and people's faith in the system. jfk? got some ass and perhaps did some blow. lbj? used the n-word liberally and followed the already set path of war. clinton? got an in-office hummer and presided over a fiscal golden age and charmed the world.

    kind of how reagan's strike busting has led us down a union-free path as our economy expands. while making great strides for corporations it does fuckall for the safety and security of the tax-paying people.

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