The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Thursday, November 24, 2005


My parents.

For whatever reason, I decided to volunteer to work today. Things were pretty rough. (You'd be surprised how angry people can get on a holiday about their money.) There were few people there to help me out with problems I was having. Add in a surprisingly high call volume and a lack of knowledge of the services I was supposed to provide (services that I don't usually deal with), and I left work an unhappy camper.

I came home to a house full of family members (some who were just leaving as I came in). I tried to destress a little before my meal, but the stress was pretty well expressed on my part. After everyone left, I started telling my folks about my day and the challenges I'd had, as well as the rough week I'd been having up to this point. They calmed me down, gave me some pointers, and suggested some things I could do to help myself (take notes, breathe, be cool, etc.). My dad being in the HR world and my mom working with a financial company herself helped give me a good perspective on how I should go about this gig from now on.

For all the small stresses that they give me sometimes, I'm amazed at how little I utilize them in times such as these. At the end of the conversation, I hugged them. (Mind you, that's pretty big in my world...) I truly am thankful that God gave me such wonderful parents.


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