The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Sunday, December 30, 2007

I see it being meme'd on a couple of blogs. Pico hasn't done it yet, but I figure it's high time for....



Rang in 2007 with friends, cigars, and a rousing game of "I never." Started the NutriSystem plan. (At least 15 NutriSystem items remain in my pantry, so you can tell how much I stuck with it.) Survived the annual cold snap/ice storm. Exchanged e-mails and had a phone conversation with a rather forward, sexual woman who turned out to be selling something.

Winter put me in kind of a funk. Became a TV reviewer. Gave up porn and fast food for Lent.

Was told that I'd make a good priest. Went through a funk upon finding out my ex was walking down the aisle. Consoled myself by driving three hours in an attempt to get laid.

Found out a friend who got married last summer was getting a divorce, and already had an apartment. Roadtripped to Austin to celebrate a friend's birthday, and attempted to make new ones in the process. Auditioned for "Deal or No Deal." Flew to Nashville to see G. Met her friends, her boyfriend (who became her fiancee), and her loud co-workers. Learned some life lessons: happiness is not found at the bottom of a gin and tonic, and always hang out with people dumber than you. Saw the Roots in concert.

Celebrated Dallas' early elimination from the NBA playoffs. Struggled with prayer. Turned 29. Celebrated with family and a few friends. Met a friend from the old days.

Started talking with HM again. (And it's been pretty much "just talking" since then.) Saw Game 2 of the NBA Finals in person. Celebrated the Spurs' 4th championship.

Watched "Facing the Giants." Wondered how good a Christian I was. Interviewed for a manager position. Didn't make the first cut. Played with an iPhone. Began my first foray into event planning, beginning to set up the fall season of Theology on Tap.

Went to Austin on a whim, and ended up regretting it. Flew to Las Vegas to walk an old friend down the aisle. Lost a few hundred dollars and my camera during the process. Tried to help a few co-workers become multi-millionaires by setting up a lotto pool when Mega Millions was over $200,000,000. Made a new friend at a wedding reception.

Went on a date with my new friend. Waited about a month until Date #2. Learned that I'm not so great at pitching a softball.

Ran into the ex. Put in an application for a financial advisor position with another firm. Got shot down by a personality profile. Dressed up like royalty at work, at a party, and on 6th St. Learned that I'm more comfortable being someone else than being myself. Also learned that the woman I get with is going to be the one that wants to kiss me when she's sober.

Started a new position with my old company. Saw The Police live in concert. Started praying again (somewhat) after hearing an anecdote on ESPN.

Drank with blind people. Got really jealous. Got a digital camera for Christmas. Wondered where all the brown people were in pop culture. Welcomed my godson to the world.

Tomorrow night, I end 2007 with friends in downtown. (If you want to come along, drop me a line.) Here's to 2008 being my best year ever.

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