The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Sunday, November 21, 2004

To finish my review:

The main character, Jay, seemed to not be too believeable. For a guy that hasn't had much religion in his life up until this point, he wasn't much of a "regular" guy. No talk of drinking adult beverages, no talk of sex. (For a Texas Ex, that's hard to believe.)

As far as the romantic interest that drives the main plotline, even that left me wanting. Felt like a romantic comedy, only without the romance. From my count, there was one cheek-peck, and one hand-hold. If this was to make sure than Christian bookstores, then mission accomplished. I kept waiting for the cinematic kiss at the end.

If I bought the rights to this book, that'd be something I'd fix. Make a decent movie, put it on PAX, maybe the Hallmark Channel.

All in all, not a great book, not a horrible book. Don't know if I'll read the sequel, but a decent read.


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