The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Borrowed from pico:
Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one reason why I like/love/adore you. Then put this in your own journal (if you like), and spread the love.

I promise that if you reply multiple times (hey, I have no friends, as evidence by the lack of response about the fake memory of me) i will give you different reasons why i like you.


  • It's that simple? All I need to do is reply?

    Heck, I can never get enough adoration, so here goes ... ;)

    By Blogger ~profgrrrrl~, at 1:35 AM  

  • Oooh! Then do me next.

    By Anonymous veritate, at 11:55 PM  

  • I adore profgrrrrl for her awesome travelogues, her fabulous fashion sense, and her willingness to send me postcards.

    I adore Raelyn ("veritate") for her honesty, her amazing advice, and her willingness to send me postcards.

    By Blogger Greg, at 10:52 PM  

  • i know i did it before, but I WANT ONE!

    By Blogger Pico, at 10:16 AM  

  • I adore Pico for his earnestness, his great taste in music, and his willingness to send me... wait, never mind.

    By Blogger Greg, at 11:31 PM  

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