The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Sunday, November 27, 2005

I was over at the house of my ex-roommate's girlfriend. We ate BBQ, watched a couple of movies, the excruciating end of the Seahawks-Giants game and "Family Guy." During one of the movies, the girlfriend and I had a little chat (my ex-roommate was somehow napping during all the explosions).

We talked about mostly relationship stuff, how I met that gal at Theology on Tap, my on-and-off history with Suzanne, etc. That's when she brought up an idea that I just might try for the next few months: forced singleness.

She mentioned that when she met James, she was going through a period of time (9 months, to that point) where she was not looking for anything at all. She said that if it weren't for that time beforehand, she couldn't see her and James working out as well as they have. I then told her that I really don't do "alone" very well, but she suggested I give the whole "becoming a monk" thing (her words) a try.

So I'm wondering how such a vision quest works. Is there a specific timetable I should give myself? Some concrete steps or actions I should take during said period? I figure I'm already a month into the walkabout, should I wait another eight to eleven months to start actively finding a mate again? (Does semi-hitting on the cashier girl at the Hallmark store impede my progress?)

I've been having these sorts of relationship issues pop up lately, with the holidays, company parties and the one-year anniversary of the Great Christmas Debacle coming up. Not really "issues" per se, just a wanting to have someone around. Probably not the healthiest feeling in the world, I know, but I'm sure I'm not the only one with such thoughts. Maybe I do need some "me" time.

Or maybe, I just need sleep...


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