The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Sunday, September 24, 2006


179.5: My weight as of Friday, just about the highest I've ever been.
270: The count of my total cholesterol.
100-199: The healthy range of cholesterol. (The doctor wanted to start me on some medication, I said I'd make a more concerted effort to eat better before our next appointment in December.)

112: Approximate number of miles I considered driving today to bail a friend out of jail.
187: Approximate number of miles said friend was going to drive to pay me a visit last night. (Oh yeah, it was my Aggie friend who was making the trip.)

5: Number of hours I've spent outside my home during this long weekend. Been in quite the funk the last few days. How to get out of it, I'm still wondering.

23: Number of days I'm into the sabbatical.
2: Number of women who have sent me messages through online dating sites over the last couple of days. (What timing...)


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