The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Monday, April 16, 2007

This is my 501st post. Totally snuck up on me.

In lieu of actually describing what happened to me over the weekend, I'll use some keywords and phrases:

- drive to Austin
- flowers, a card and a Suze Orman book for my friend Laura's 29th birthday
- sushi
- a trip downtown
- a pitcher of mojitos
- a trip to the Library for old times' sake
- me putting $2 down a young lady's pants
- a tequila shot, sans lime
- saying, "I can rub two sticks together!" when asked by another young lady if I had a lighter
- hanging out with said woman, her cousin, and a tall black fellow for an hour in the streets and alleys of downtown Austin
- coming thisclose to seeing two people be intimate in a Mitsubishi
- overhearing my friend get into an argument with her "boyfriend" about me staying over
- being awakened at 8 the next morning by my friend in order to avoid a confrontation with her "boyfriend" (who happens to have a key to her place)
- groggily driving to her brother's house
- sleeping on another couch
- watching "Office Space"
- a trip to a small town for some great barbecue
- a trip down memory lane
- driving back home


  • MmmmmMMMmmmmmm The Salt Lick.

    Oh man - that's the ONLY place in this world I will eat so much I am physically ill for like HOURS.

    Love it!

    By Blogger ThatGirl7278, at 3:26 PM  

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