The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Monday, September 03, 2007

Can't sleep, might as well blog.

Instead of boring you with another long post, I'll just give a brief update with things with my new friend. We went out Friday for dinner, dancing and drinks. Actually, it wasn't so much dancing, she got a bit nervous when seeing some of the more skilled dancers at the bar we went to.

A good portion of the night was spent at a bar where she's a regular. (How well do they know her there? She didn't get carded by the doorguy, and had a Jack and diet waiting for her when she sat down at the bar.) We met up with a few of her friends, and I ran into an old pal of mine, Erick the Smart-Ass AP.

We left the bar, I took her home, and we kissed. Nothing too big, in reality, but momentous enough for me to do a silly dance after she closed her front door.

During the night, I actually started doing a compare/contrast piece in my head between her and the ex. It got started when she referred to me as a "nosy Rosie" when I asked about a text message she got from the groom's brother talking about a Mana concert he went to that night. That phrase was so cutesy, that instantly triggered some memories of the saccharin things that would come out of my ex's mouth, so that was one strike against her. (Kidding.)

A couple of things that she does have over my ex: fashion and friends. Our only two times hanging out were at a wedding reception and a first date, so obviously the trend skews to the nice side, clothes-wise (on both our parts). But this gal knows how to wear an outfit, my ex was never really a clothes-horse. Also, during our night at the bar, I met a lesbian couple who she was friends with. I wouldn't say my ex was homophobic or anything, but any mention of guy-on-guy or girl-on-girl was met with a reaction similar to a five-year-old's reaction to a mention of brussel sprouts.

Now, I've been driving myself crazy about what to do for a second act. I haven't talked to her since that night, only getting a text from her yesterday saying she was out of town at a concert. Ironically, in what can only be described as uncanny timing, I was to host a friend from out of town yesterday, but cancelled on her due to being guilted by a friend of mine. (Question: is it cheating if we've only been out once?)

I need sleep now. If anyone has any suggestions on what I should do from here on out, please feel free to share with the class.


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