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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Uploading on the Downlow: On Being a Blogger And An Introvert

A week ago, Arianna said, "You can't have a blog and be an introvert. If you say you are, you're a damn liar."

Two days ago, Sandra said, "...well he pegged me pretty well as an introvert."

So who's right? I figure the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Allow this blogger to offer himself as an example.

Up until the summer before 11th grade, I was quite shy. 10 days at a church camp in the Hill Country changed that quite a bit, but my shy moments do seem to pop up quite often (e.g. the Chinese New Year party I went to last year). According to the comments, I'm not alone in my shyness.

Blogs serve one main purpose: for the blogger to share with the rest of humanity what is important to them. For those that, for whatever reason, aren't able to control a conversation with others, they can contribute to one in their own way through a blog. Now, most of the blogs I read are of a personal nature, and I think that's why they've taken off so much in the past few years. It gives a person carte blanche to talk about themselves and their observations on the world.

Depending on the person, it either gives the blogger a chance to extend their gregariousness into HTML, or a chance for them to finally let loose in a way they would not (or could not) be able to do in real life. I find myself coming down a little bit in both camps. At times, I'll share memorable moments that I've shared with those close to me. Other times, I use this blog to vent, rant, and let loose thoughts that I normally wouldn't be able to share, due to possible embarrassment, incrimination, or prosecution. I'm sure there's more than a few people that go through the day thinking to themselves, "This is definitely ending up on the blog."

Some bloggers are stars, others, not so much. The beautiful thing about this blogosphere is, all are welcome. To have a blog, you can't be totally selfless. A little bit of ego is required if one is to publish a site all about them. Not that ego and extroversion are one in the same, of course. But it's probably a safe guess that if one isn't really an outgoing person in real life, they can play one on the Internet.



  • I'm still waiting to meet a true introvert. Haven't found one yet. I think the species is going extinct. Survival of the fittest baby! ;)

    By Blogger ThatGirl7278, at 11:26 AM  

  • Does Extroversion vs. Introversion truly have any bearing on whether one has a blog or not? Blogging does not necessarily equate to someone having a gregarious, lively personality. Many socially averse people have blogs -- Matt Drudge being a famous example. If writing is indeed a solitary pursuit -- one endeavored by more introverts than extroverts, then according to your logic, there can't be any such thing as an extroverted blogger! And you know that can't be true because you're an extrovert.

    Introverts are highly misunderstood. Being one does not make you a misanthrope, or even shy. It simply means that you find time alone to be more rewarding, that you find having to interact with others for extended periods of time very draining. Do your batteries get recharged by spending time by yourself? You're an introvert.

    You should really thank introverts -- without them you'd be missing much of the literature, film, music, art, philosophy and academic, social and political thought that makes up much of today's culture.

    By Blogger Sandra, at 1:11 AM  

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