The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Need to get this out of my head before I fall asleep (hopefully I fall asleep sometime soon...)

Earlier today, I concerned a few people with a status message on myspace: "Greg just took another name off the list."

I called up Johanna this afternoon after leaving work (I put in about three hours of OT). I left her a voicemail, asking if she wanted to get together for beer and Longhorn football. I met her during a physics class at UT. A few months ago, I found her on facebook. We started hanging out every few weeks, just for Mexican food and conversation. She's a med student who enjoys marathoning and windsurfing.

About an hour or so later, she called me back. During the span of our 94-second conversation, she informed me that:
  • she didn't have much time to talk
  • she moved to Corpus for her studies
  • she was in town for a string quartet performance, and
  • she met someone.

I took the news about as well as I've taken news like this in the past, treating myself to a large pepperoni from Little Caesar's (as well as some bad heartburn, apparently). I figure I'll get over this in a day or so (hopefully). But I guess one fact has become crystal clear: if you're a woman with a graduate or doctoral degree (or on the way to getting one), chances are you'll shoot me down.



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