The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Monday, December 26, 2005

Before I get much further, please allow me to welcome my newest 2nd cousin, Mia, to the world. Born to my cousin and her husband yesterday morning around 10:45.

So there's a new gal in the picture. We'll call her "K." We met online at a Catholic dating site. That's right... me, Mr. "Model Catholic" met a nice woman through a website for Catholic singles. Anyway, we've been "out" a couple of times. (I use quotes because I don't believe we've had a date yet, just meeting different places.) The first meetup occured at the mall, where we bought ornaments, and I did some charity shopping. (Picked up two pairs of pants for the church "giving tree" program.) The second meetup happened last weekend after my company holiday party downtown; her friends and her met up with my friends and I at a martini bar. I followed her group over to a dance club on the Riverwalk. We danced, we drank, we kissed. Yep, I kissed her on the dance floor.

(Of course, the first kiss between Suzanne and I happened on a dance floor on 5th St. in Austin, but I'm hoping that's where the similarities end. Otherwise, you can pretty much write the postings on this blog up till 2008 or so...)

Things have been nice with her. She's nice, pleasant to be around, laughs at my jokes. Two possible drawbacks with this one, though:
A) Her alma mater.
B) Her status as a Mike Remlinger of dating. (And yes, I will get around to explaining this one of these days...)

Anyway, things are going okay with her so far. Kind of off to a slow start, but considering how quickly things have turned physical in past relationships, I figure it's not a bad change of pace. I'm just hoping I don't do anything to screw this up...


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