The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Saturday, January 07, 2006


What can I say? Working at an inbound call center isn't really the most enjoyable occupation in the world. I figure I have two options: learn to enjoy my job more (or at least do it better), or start looking for something else to either develop myself professionally or personally (i.e. new job, classes, et cetera).

Now, if I were to stay in the financial field, there's a few things I could do to try and move myself up the food chain. Take the GMAT and enroll in grad school for my MBA. Start reading the Wall Street Journal regularly. Watch CNBC (the shows that don't have Suze Orman or Jim Cramer, this is). If I went outside the field, the list would be different: start networking, rework my resume, start putting aside money to pay a $4000 fee if I leave my company before I've been there two years.

Seeing as how progress in this category is more like a marathon than a sprint, I doubt I can put a goal down that would dramatically change my career outlook. So I figure I'll give myself a fork in the career road...

Take the GMAT and enroll in an MBA program beginning Fall 2006.
Go on at least one job interview this year.


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