The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Monday, January 07, 2008

Earlier this morning, while attempting my second set of iso-shoulder pulldowns, the White Stripes were playing on my iPod. "Little Acorns" was the song that began to play as I began the set, and I ended up getting through it pretty well. Between Jack's vocal encouragement, and Meg's sexual methods, they've helped me out quite a bit over the last few months.

Operation "Get Girls to Notice Greg" has begun with some more frequent visits to the gym. I was so eager to start today, that I got there 15 minutes before the place opened up. Hopefully, I can string a few consecutive workouts together (and throw in a more nutritious diet) to show better results than in the past.

I've actually been considering switching gyms. Bally's, where I go now, is about 20 minutes away (with no traffic), not too convenient for me. There's a couple of gyms within a 5 minute drive, but both have somewhat pricey dues, compared to the $14.90 I'd be paying if I renew with Bally in a month or so. Gold's seems nice, a chain called Spectrum is nice, but more expensive. Even the YMCA is $50/mo. plus a $99 signup fee.

Anyone out there have any suggestions of which gym to hit/avoid?



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