The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Monday, July 01, 2002

Rain, rain, go away....

In case you haven't heard, S.A. has gone from famine to feast with regards to rain. After doing without for the past 5 years or so (give or take), it's been pouring buckets. Fortunately, my parents' house is on the top of a nice hill, so flooding isn't a problem around here. In other parts, boy howdy...

It's amazing how many stupid people are willing to risk their lives to cross a flooded street... just makes you wonder. Of course, one begins to think of all the money taxpayers would save if rescuers weren't used, and let people float on their own. (BAD blog writer...BAD!)

So Lauren and I had a chat the other night. For THREE HOURS! Of course, I decided to be a nerd and download AOL IM for that purpose, but don't tell her that... ;) Anyway, she really is a cool gal. Even better...she thinks that I'M cool too! 24 years of striving for that ultimate goal has finally paid off! Actually, it's pretty cool to have a new Net friend. Kinda weird how I got started collecting online friends...

Summer, 1996.
A shy brown kid on the campus of UT for the first time ever. He has a hard time meeting people in real life, so he turns to this Internet that he's heard so much about. He goes into a chat room in the now-defunct Webchat Broadcasting System. He starts meeting people with an ease that he never had in the real world. He soon develops a low-grade addiction to chat that would be his Achilles' heel for the rest of his collegiate life. (Alright, enough of referring to himself in the third person...)
Anyway, it's always been easier for me to be "cool" online. Namely, because I have time to think of witty responses, and that my face is hidden from view. But maybe now that I'm enerting the workforce, hopefully that will change. (I DID hook up with Suzanne in one night, didn't I?)

Speaking of working, I got a call as a result of a job fair I attended last week. A company called American Funds called me to schedule a phone interview for next week. Hopefully, all will go well with that. Not only that, but I also started an application to the FBI. I seriously doubt that I'd get that job, but I guess it never hurts to try.

So I've been thinking about going on a trip. After getting all sorts of graduation cash, I finally have enough bank to take a decent vacation. Now where to go? I could visit Amy in lovely Detroit. (Okay, you can stop laughing now...) I could visit my aunt in Boston. I could fulfill my dream and head to L.A. and take the Jeopardy! test. I could even go to Calgary and see my bestest Net friend Raelyn get married. So many choices... Of course, if the past is any indication, I'll buy a ticket two weeks before I leave and end up paying twice as much as I should have. That's what bugs me about airlines sometimes... you go to their sites and give them the when/where/etc. And you get a fare, but then if you make just one change (sit inbetween to fat people, eat a kosher meal, etc.), you get a huge discount... I DON'T GET IT!

Anyway, I should get going. Suzanne is coming in about 7 hours, I need to be somewhat coherent to take her to her interview. (Which a friend of mine told me was merely a ploy to see me...makes sense now that I think about it, but doesn't mean I shouldn't help a friend, right?) But next time, I'll entice you with stories of independence. Independence from oppression, rain and exes... Adios.