The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

So apparently I lost my post from last night. I'll try my best to duplicate what it said, along with some thoughts for tonight.

This whole BCS thing is kind of interesting. I mean, I somewhat understand OU being ranked ahead of Texas (seeing as how they still hold the tiebreaker in the Big XII South). But Ohio State being ranked ahead of Miami? Verrrrrrrry een-teresting. I tried to research how the different computer rankings are compiled, but I had neither the time nor the patience for it. This site might be useful for those that do.

So I've conned... er, convinced my friend Laura to go in with me for a job. If we get it, we'd be the new morning duo at Hot 104.9 in Tallahassee, Florida. I'll be sure to keep you folks posted.

Monday, November 04, 2002

Yet another chat transcript, this time with my ex...

BrownBoyUT: ...what did you do all day today?
UTSCB79: Let's see.. I got up about 10 - ate some breakfast, went to the grocery store, came back and watched Pretty Woman :-) , went to church at 5 and then ate some dinner over at my parents' house
UTSCB79: Oh yeah and then had this date with a really hot guy
BrownBoyUT: Uh-huh...
UTSCB79: Anyways, besides your meeting - what else did you do?
BrownBoyUT: Got back home, slept until 3, watched some football.
BrownBoyUT: And had a date with a really hot girl.
UTSCB79: Well I hope that the date went well
BrownBoyUT: Oh yeah, it did.
UTSCB79: That's good to hear
BrownBoyUT: How was your date?
UTSCB79: It went great. He was really handsome.
BrownBoyUT: What did you guys do?
UTSCB79: We went and saw a movie, got some drinks. He was a total gentlemen
BrownBoyUT: What movie did you see?
UTSCB79: We saw The Santa Clause 2
BrownBoyUT: Oh, cool. I never saw the first one...
UTSCB79: Well you should rent it. It's funny.
UTSCB79: So what was your date like?
BrownBoyUT: We went to see a comic perform downtown.
UTSCB79: Cool. How was the show?
BrownBoyUT: It was real funny.
UTSCB79: Well I'm glad you enjoyed it
BrownBoyUT: Well, I'm glad that you had fun too.
UTSCB79: Yeah I had a good time

Here's the catch. I never had a date today. I spent most of the evening watching TV Land. Why I made up a date like that? Becuase I believe that she didn't have a date either. I don't know why I felt that way, I just did. Then again, I may have just wanted to go to belligerent asshole mode for a while. But I figure only time will tell if her "gentleman" is real or not.

Sunday, November 03, 2002

Fuckin'-a...UT pulled one out today aganist Nebraska. Too bad they're still on the outside looking in as far as a national title is concerned. Then again, Dallas (Cotton Bowl) is a lot less of a drive than San Diego (Holiday Bowl).

So New York goes up against the world for the 2012 Olympics, huh? I admit, the symbolism would be nice. But I doubt that it'll get the bid. Seriously, everyone says the subway system is slow enough (at least on Manhattan Island) over there. You think people would want to spend half their day just in transit?

So I was supposed to go to church yesterday morning, but I didn't. Felt like crap with a sore throat. But I felt even worse afterwards. You see, yesterday would have been my brother's 33rd birthday. My folks went to celebrate All Saint's Day, as well as his memory. I didn't, and felt guilty for most of the day. It's funny... seven years removed from his leaving this world, and I'm still not sure I've dealt with his passing in the best way possible. He'd been the closest person to me to pass away to that point (and to this day as well, thank goodness). And I remember trying to tell myself that I'd live in a way that would honor him. 12 college semesters, 6 jobs, 3 ex-girlfriends, and 2 speeding tickets later, it seems I've been doing anything but. Don't get me wrong, he was going along somewhat the same path when he was my age. But most people say that we was just starting to turn things around when the accident happened. Which, now that I think about it, makes me worry about turning things around myself. (I'd always made the sick joke that when I turn 25, I'd stay in bed for a whole year so I could see 26...)

I've been wondering a lot about some big things lately (thanks to Teri and the Sports Guy). Teri's post kind of reminded me about something I'd been neglecting for a while, namely, my faith. I admit, I wasn't the world's greatest Catholic (I had a spell a few months ago of referring to myself as a "Catholic atheist"), but I figured I'd been okay, at least lately. But after closer inspection, turns out I wasn't all that after all. I really can't explain why, but it feels like I've been out of touch with God and everything else these past few months. The whole "trying to graduate and get a good job" thing sort of took precedence over everything else in my life. Add on frustrations with the parents, drama with Suzanne, and other stuff, and religion just found a convenient back seat. Not to mention that I still have issues with Him about my brother, but that's for another blog.

As with Bill Simmons, I'm bummed because of a lack of dreams. I mean, I've had passing wants and wishes (being a game show contestant or host, becoming a photographer, becoming a stand-up comic, etc.), but nothing that's had me so on fire that everything I did was toward that goal. Not to mention the fact that I've always had my folks to keep them in check.

What do you do when you don't have any real reason to get up in the morning?

Friday, November 01, 2002

My first published quiz result, courtesy of Lauren (with an "e").

Which Rooster are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

What this means, exactly, I have no idea...