The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Sunday, September 28, 2003


Okay, not so much of a sale, more than just a move of this blog coming soon, thanks to people at work pulling this thing up. All those interested in the new address, drop a comment/e-mail.

Saturday, September 20, 2003

Why This Friendster Thing Might Catch On For Me

Through being registered as friends with two women whom I've never met, I'm connected to 107,920 people.

If I can'd fine at least one date among them, I'm really hopeless...

Okay, since someone doesn't like a blog tease, here's what I meant from last night's post.

MOVING SUCKS. My roommate and I signed the lease to our sweet apartment earlier this month, and I still have yet to get all my stuff moved in and get my bedroom straightened up. Still have some drawers to move in here, but I've had neither the energy or the time to do it. One of these days, I'll actually get around to moving those things. Or just break down and buy some.

P-A-R-T....WHY? Thanks to a well-placed business card in a fishbowl, I was the recipient of a free happy hour party at a bar here in town. I had it scheduled for last Wednesday night. I sent out an e-mail to about 20 or so people at work, reminded everyone I could about it... and only 4 people showed. (And that wasn't even for an hour or so after the "official" start time...) Good thing, though, was that the gal from the station was among the four. But I think I figured out that I basically have no shot. Another gal to call a friend (which is always cool), but one less chance for nookie.

THE NEXT ITEM UP FOR BIDS IS... So I'm still trying to figure out what I will be doing in L.A. next month. On my definite list: "The Price Is Right," taking the Jeopardy! test, as well as maybe one other game show tryout (assuming I actually make the phone calls). On the probable list: day trip to Vegas, some sort of concert. The maybe list: Lakers game (only if the Spurs are in town), and anything else I can think of. If there are any suggestions of what I SHOULDN'T miss when I'm there, drop a comment.

HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS. With the exception of my room, this new place rocks. Nice neighborhood, homely feel, and a good enough size for two dudes. The housewarming party invites will be coming soon.

IT IS FINISHED. The whole thing with Suzanne, that is. She came down last week to talk about stuff, and I basically said that we should end things. She got upset, in her trademark way, following the conversation with voicemail messages, e-mails, and even a couple of text messages on my cell phone. Finally, after an e-mail from me saying we need to not talk for a while, she agreed. Hopefully this will finally bring and end to all this. Or, if nothing else, give me some other stuff to blog about.

Friday, September 19, 2003

Stuff to blog about when I have more time:

- How moving sucks.
- What if you threw a party and nobody came?
- Come on down!
- My beautiful apartment.
- "Girlfriends," misunderstandings and ending things.